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Find a SAR Team
Find Ground and Mountain Rescue Teams by state.

Here's a list of K-9 SAR sites.

If it's Mounted SAR you're searching for, here's a directory of teams in the U.S.

Looking for SAR teams outside the U.S.?
Click here.


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Becoming a Search & Rescue Volunteer: What SAR is all about and how you can get involved

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Our suggestions for true survival and rescue stories, how-to and other SAR-related books. Click here.

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Articles & More
Read Search & Rescue articles, E-zines, gear reviews, and more.

Want to join a SAR discussion group? We've got a list here.

by a volunteer with an Arizona Search & Rescue team

Read firsthand accounts of SAR missions in our country's second largest county.

Deb's Search & Rescue stories

"Learn from other hikers' mistakes (and triumphs)"

The best--if not the only--compilation of current Search & Rescue news stories from around the world

Wilderness Survival Stories

"A Tracking Assignment"
"The Hesselschwerdt Case"

a site by Josh Kaggie

A collection of first-hand accounts, photos and videos from those who witnessed and survived the flood of August, 2008

a National Park Service site

Narratives and analyses dating back to 1997


Rescue reports and photos from 2001 to the present
"A Victim's Story."

The latest from our blog: SARstories News

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SARstories is a resource for those interested in true stories by and about professional Search & Rescue personnel--both volunteer and paid--and those they help. While news stories are great, we're especially interested in firsthand accounts.

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